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Top 10 Ways to Find a Ride on a CORA Boat


  1. Come to a monthly membership meeting (3rd Thursdays except for the summer) and tell the front desk you're new to CORA and are looking for a ride.
  2. Post your name and contact info in this forum.
  3. Keep an eye on the "Crew Needed" box in the top left corner of the CORA homepage.
  4. Once you find a boat, show some commitment to their racing schedule and they might ask you back again.
  5. Help prepare and put away the boat.  Look for things to do, or just ask what's next.
  6. Whatever position you get (even if its just rail meat), give it your BEST.
  7. Be a sponge.  Observe what's going on, pay attention, ask questions to someone who doesn't look busy (not during your sequence).  The best part about CORA is that you can learn so much about sailing and racing.
  8. Take some ownership in the program.  Help better the boat, and better your skills.
  9. Even if you're Russell Coutts, don't be a know-it-all.  If there's time before a race ask the crew or skipper about their preference for feedback and be mindful of it.  Remember, you are a guest aboard the boat!
  10. Consider joining CORA...its the best $35 you'll ever spend!


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