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January 27th to February 6th.

More details on the race can be found at


Fast approaching DEADLINES– for reminder only. Refer to the website for complete instructions.

  • OCTOBER 16 - Registration fee of $1300 due. 
  • Crew list due – see forms on web site. List all potential crew. List any potential crew now as it will be difficult to add on later 
  • Boat owners MUST register with BIS – see this website for instructions: 
  • ------>
  • January 2 2016 - Submit FINAL crew list and pay total amount due. $1000 for boat and skipper, $200 each additional crew member 


Confirmed Boats - Interest and Crew
Boat Owner Email Boat type Crew Needs Notes:
Naut on Call Eddie Evans Beneteau 381    
Tohidu Jay Cook Beneteau 423    
Cheers James Smith Pearson 33-2    
Moose Down Rick Moore J120    
Celedon Steve Lesniak Beneteau M 510    



7 Boats from Charleston are interested in participating and 5 are confirmed above. 

 Need a Ride? Volunteer to help deliver boats to Key West and back from Key West?:

Contact Pam Smith at Smith  Grantham@MUSC.EDU or call at 843-343-8970. 

Please have your Pass Port number available.

Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events


Wednesday – January 27
Welcome Reception 6pm (location TBD)

Thursday – January 28
Skipper’s Meeting 11 am

Thursday – January 28
KW to Veradero departure 5 pm

Friday – January 29
Arrival in Veradero then Awards and Party (location TBD)

Saturday – January 30
Lay Day for rest and preparations

Sunday – January 31
Veradero Buoy Race then Awards and Party (location TBD)

Monday – February 1
Veradero to Havana, overnight in Marina Hemingway

Tuesday – February 2
Lay Day for rest and preparations

Wednesday – February 3
Malecón Parade then Awards and Party at Marina Hemingway

Thursday – February 4
Lay Day for rest and preparations

Friday – February 5
Havana to KW (Departure Time TBD)

Saturday – February 6
Arrival in KW and Final Awards and Closing Party (location TBD)

Additional Questions

-          Additional Questions:

o   Are there depth restrictions at any of the venues? Jeff is not aware of any. He stated that all should be over 14 feet.

o   Dockage? No dockage in Florida but will all be in the same marinas in Cuba. Owners are expected to pay dockage fees in Cuba that are anticipated to be very reasonable compared with US marinas.

o   Weapons? – No, do not carry weapons.

o   Money? Convert to Cuban Pesos after arrive.  Some places will deal in USD. There are a few ATMs but hard to find. Credit Cards are just starting to be accepted at some places. Wouldn’t count on using them everywhere.

o   Boat Insurance? Ryan Hamm stated that he has not found a domestic insurance company that will write a rider policy to cover travel to Cuba. Suggested calling your company to ask. (Personal note: I (Jim Smith) have a policy that states it covers the Caribbean. The Caribbean includes Cuba so I am not going to call).

o   Car rentals? Not many but Jeff stated that taxis are very available and you can arrange for trips with a taxi.

o   Suba and fishing? Don’t know about permits for this.  Will check. Would not recommend spear guns.

o   Hotels available? Yes. May be more expensive in Veradero – $200-300 but more reasonable in Havana - $100.

o   Air travel? Not easy to go direct from US at present time – may change by regatta time. Can go to Mexico or Bahamas then US. Cuba will work with you best they can. Issue will be getting into US. Keep checking on this. Interest for people going home early or spouses coming over to join sailors.

o   Travel opportunities? Race organizers are working with to set up tours.

o   Costs after in Cuba – visa = $20, Boat = $50.

o   PHRF vs ORC? Most likely PHRF and may be have an ORC fleet also. 

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